Are You Qualified To Date Christian Grey In Fifty Shades Of Grey


Fifty shades of freed is about to be released the day before Valentine's day on 2018, and there will be a wave of Christian's followers coming to the cinema. This handsome and golden man reaped a large number of women's hearts, are you one of them? Do you want to know if you are a girl for elite singles like Christian?

You may have done some quizzes like What If YOU Dated Christian Grey… Could You Handle It? but do you believe that the answer is credible? A test with only four answers is not enough to prove anything, if you want to know what kind of girls Christians would like, read the following.

Outstanding temperament rather than beauty.There are many perfect faces in the world, actors and models all have a face picked up from thousands. But beauty will be away from us as time goes by, and only temperament will continue to precipitate and stay. Anna doesn't have the perfect face and body, she even has obvious eye bags which make her looks much older than the true age, and she looks have a bad face which makes people feel very distant when she doesn't smile. But she had a kind of infection that not all the girls have, that is what matters and attracted Christian!

Good educational background. Education and diplomas are not only an identity, but also a very important experience in life. Although there are many examples of the success of college dropouts, it is a few. The good educational background not only teaches the female students to strengthen themselves alone, but also allows the girls to gain more self - confidence from the inside. Anna interviewed Christian as a reporter of the school newspaper for the opportunity to know each other, who would you like to be to meet with your Christian?

Talents that are not lost to others.In fact, if you meet the first two requirements, you will probably have a unique talent. Talented people will be inadvertently emanating personal charm, the person who does one thing is the most attractive. Anna's earnest work attitude attracted Christian’s eyes at the very beginning. After that, her persistent and unique views on work were also one of the reasons why Christian loved her. If you want to catch Christian's heart, you must be the best of you.

Know how to treat people around. Women who know how to get along with others and with good Excellent interpersonal have a chance to marry an elite man like Christian. Nobel families need women who know manners and rules, this kind of women not only give men love, but also give them professional help. Anna and Christian's family got along very well, and this relationship enabled Christian to pursue her without hesitation and want to marry her. If you only know how to love Christian, but don't know how to get along with his family and friends, your relationship will end up finally.

Excellent personal qualities. Personality is the biggest difference between you and others, and awesome character makes you a complete charming person. Are you kind, independent, confident, considerate, helpful, optimistic and positive, be clear about right and wrong? Do people feel safe and comfortable being with you and like to be around you? Anna is a woman who is independent, strong, decisive, and dared to love and hate, which is also an important part of her personal charm.

In fact, there are many single rich men who are excellent like Christian. They are handsome, good at running business and sports or even have Helicopter driving license, they are not only exist in movies or novels. Being the best of yourself, and fate will bring you to the best of him.